The first step in buying my art is for you to let me know which pieces interest you, as well as the format you are looking for: Original, Canvas Prints, Prints on Paper or a personal Commission. We would then talk through the details of size, delivery times and place, and agree on a price. It would also be useful to know where you live in order to calculate shipping.
When that is agreed, you would pay me by Venmo, or credit card and then I would mail the piece to you. If you are local to San Diego, you can pick it up.

Feel free to email at me [email protected] or even better, call or text me at USA (619) 808-5163 (9am - 5pm Pacific Time).

By their nature there is only 1 original artwork for each image. If the one you like is still available, let me know and we will take it from there. If the original is gone, you may want prints as below, or to commission a painting in that style.


S ON CANVAS - Sandra with Original Oil Painting, "What's in a Heart", and 2 Giclee Prints of It

"Giclee" is a high quality print of archival standard, that lasts for decades. Giclee prints on Canvas are accurate, reproductions that hang on the wall just like an oil painting. They are available on for all the images on my website.

When they are ordered through me directly, they can be provided in various sizes from FULL SIZE of the original piece, down to 8"x10". Prices start at $40. You can have a piece in a size of your choice, to fit your particular wall space. 

An order from me for a canvas print takes 4-5 days to print and then the shipping time, if you are at a distance. If you are local to San Diego, you can drop by and pick the order up once it is printed.

Giclee prints on paper are available for all of the images on my website. They are usually 8"x10" in a white mat 11"x14" to fit into a standard frame of your choice. If you want a different size or mat color, let me know.

A commission is when you have a painting to your own specifications created by Sandra. It may be a portrait of a person, pet or place that has meaning for you. It may be an abstract in the size and colors that you like, or something else. Talk with Sandra about the details and any photos or other reference materials that may be needed. The cost will vary depending on the size, materials and content of the painting. 


The Artspan prints using the website, both paper and canvas, are good quality. They are shipped directly to you (drop shipped). They have their own arrangements for ordering mats and framing as you can see if you have a look in the Galleries.

However, Artspan does not have facility for larger size prints on canvas or paper. They may not have the size you are looking for. I can supply larger and other sizes of canvas prints for you.

Thank you, I do not participate in NFTs.