Joyful Rain

“Joyful Rain” is a 24”x 48” Oil Painting on Canvas

Viewers may recollect the delicate, gentle, flowing movement that "Bubbles" have.

The "Bubbles" are symbols of Optimism, Friendship, Trust, Joy, Hope, Gratitude, and many other good things that weave in and out of our lives on a daily basis.

When we notice them, they grow and create a sense of well-being that helps us manage everything and enable us to cope.

If we look outwards and inwards, we may discern, collect, and benefit from the bubbles of hope that are continually present.

The dark colors represent drama, trouble, and strife that often surround us in some form or another.

The Umbrella signifies a cover, a place of shelter to retreat to if troubles become heavy.

“Joyful Rain” is the 2nd in a series of “Bubble” paintings.

(For Prints on Canvas 35x17.5" through to full size 48"x
24", please contact Sandra directly.)